/Technical Analysis of Stock Market

Technical Analysis of Stock Market

Himanshu Verma (Founder & CEO)

10 modules


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Master the art of analyzing stock market trends and predicting price movements


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of technical analysis in the stock market. It covers various tools, techniques, and strategies for analyzing and predicting stock price movements. By the end of this course, you will gain the necessary skills to make informed investment decisions based on technical indicators and chart patterns.

Key Highlights

Learn how to read and interpret stock charts

Understand different types of technical indicators

Master the art of identifying trend reversals

Discover effective trading strategies using technical analysis

What you will learn

Unveiling the Technical Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of what technical analysis is and its role in stock market analysis.

Strength & Weakness

Explore the advantages and limitations of technical analysis as an analytical tool.

The Crucial Role of Technical Analysis

Understand why technical analysis is vital for traders and investors in making informed decisions.

Key Technical Indicators

Dive into the top technical indicators used in technical analysis.

Exploring Different Types of Charts

Discover various types of charts and their significance in technical analysis.

The Foundation of Technical Analysis

Understand the core principles that underlie technical analysis techniques.


Getting Started

1 attachment • 47 sec

Unveiling the First Steps


Introduction of Technical Analysis

2 attachments • 17.27 mins

An Introduction To Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis (Quiz)

Strength and Weakness of Technical Analysis

2 attachments • 19.47 mins

Strengths and Weaknesses of Technical Analysis

Strength and Weakness of Technical Analysis (Quiz)

Fundamental v/s Technical Analysis

2 attachments • 17.55 mins

Fundamental v/s Technical Analysis

Fundamental v/s Technical Analysis (Quiz)

Importance of Technical Analysis

2 attachments • 18.26 mins

Understanding the Vital Importance of Technical Analysis

Importance of Technical Analysis (Quiz)

Top Technical Indicators

2 attachments • 53.58 mins

Top Technical Analysis Indicators Revealed

Top Technical Indicators (Quiz)

Types of Charts

2 attachments • 17.82 mins

A Palette of Chart Types

Types of Charts (Quiz)

Candlesticks Pattern

2 attachments • 22.59 mins

The Dance of Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Patterns (Quiz)

Principal of Trading

2 attachments • 19.79 mins

Principles that Steer Success

Principals of Trading (Quiz)


3 attachments • 1 hrs

The Final Curtain Call

Short Notes For Technical Analysis of Stock Market

32 pages

Final Certification Test


When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.

Course Certificate


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Good experience with Mr. Himanshu during the training part and specially in Option trading and other market as well. Highly recommended his service and training.

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About the creator

About the creator

Himanshu Verma (Founder & CEO)

Introducing "HimanshuGyan LLP," your gateway to financial enlightenment in India. Led by Himanshu Verma, a seasoned financial guru with over 7 years of expertise and NISM certification.



Drawing from our extensive experience, we are committed to demystifying finance for individuals and organizations alike. As a company dedicated to spreading financial literacy, we offer free stock market training, run comprehensive certification programs for students and traders/investors.

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