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HimanshuGyan LLP

Investing and learning Simplified

We empower and guide students and professionals in the world of the Stock Market, nurturing financial literacy for a prosperous tomorrow.

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About the creator

Introducing "HimanshuGyan LLP," your gateway to financial enlightenment in India. Led by Himanshu Verma, a seasoned financial guru with over 7 years of expertise and NISM certification.



Drawing from our extensive experience, we are committed to demystifying finance for individuals and organizations alike. As a company dedicated to spreading financial literacy, we offer free stock market training, run comprehensive certification programs for students and traders/investors.



Spotlights the credibility of certifications acknowledged by regulators and the industry.

Learning Odeyssey

Diverse curriculum spanning financial markets, investment tools, risk mitigation, and more.

Short Notes

A complete guide to the financial market and its essential concepts.

Interactive Practice Quiz

Infusion of interactive quiz platforms for active engagement, gauging knowledge retention, and augmenting learning effectiveness.

Investor & Trading Community Access

Networking opportunity through connectivity with an engaged investor and trading community.

High Success Rate

Attractive and Exclusive discounts on complimentary courses.

Live Trading & Investment Mentorship

An invaluable opportunity for live mentorship in trading and investment.


Integrated NISM courses (e.g., NISM V A, VIII, X A & B) and their contextual relevance.

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package | Platinum Gyan Package of Five

5 Courses

Platinum Gyan Package of Five

5 Courses




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package | Gold Gyan Package of Three

3 Courses

Gold Gyan Package of Three

3 Courses




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course | Technical Analysis of Stock Market

Technical Analysis of Stock Market

10 modules




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