/Master Futures and Options Trading with Confidence

Master Futures and Options Trading with Confidence

Himanshu Verma (Founder & CEO)

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Unlock the potential of futures and options trading


This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of futures and options trading, empowering you to make confident investment decisions in the financial markets. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this course will enhance your knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of trading derivatives effectively.

Key Highlights

Learn the fundamentals of futures and options trading

Master advanced strategies to optimize your trading performance

Understand risk management techniques to protect your investments

Gain practical experience through real-world trading scenarios

What you will learn

Embarking on Your Derivatives Journey

Begin your exploration of derivatives, setting the stage for a thrilling financial adventure.

Introduction of Derivatives

Dive into the fundamental concepts and purposes of derivatives in the financial markets.

Types of Derivatives

Discover the various types of derivatives and their unique characteristics.

The Building Blocks of Derivatives

Delve into the world of futures contracts, their functions, and applications.

Key Features and Mechanics

Explore the essential features that define futures trading.

Terminologies of Futures

Familiarize yourself with crucial terminology in the world of futures.

Understanding Option Greeks

Uncover the significance of option Greeks and how they impact trading decisions.

Understanding Option Chain

Gain insights into option chains and how they provide valuable information for traders.


Getting Started

1 attachment • 43 sec

Embark on Your Derivatives Journey


Introduction of Derivative Segment

2 attachments • 16.55 mins

Discovering the Derivatives Alchemy

Introduction of Derivatives Segment (Quiz)

Types of Derivatives

2 attachments • 17.55 mins

Navigating a Sea of Financial Instruments

Types of Derivatives (Quiz)

Introduction of Future Trading

2 attachments • 20.47 mins

Unearthing the Future of Trading

Introduction of Future Trading (Quiz)

Features of Futures Trading

2 attachments • 19.12 mins

Mastering the Art of Futures Market

Features of Futures Trading (Quiz)

Futures Contract v/s Forwards Contract

2 attachments • 16.37 mins

Futures v/s Forwards

Futures Contract v/s Forwards Contract (Quiz)

Terminologies of Futures Trading

2 attachments • 20.22 mins

Mastering Futures Terminologies

Terminologies of Futures Trading (Quiz)

Introduction of Options Trading

2 attachments • 15.27 mins

Options Trading Demystified

Introduction of Options Trading (Quiz)

Types of Options Trading

2 attachments • 17.81 mins

Unveiling The Options Diversity

Types of Options Trading (Quiz)

Terminologies of Option Trading

2 attachments • 23.86 mins

Mastering Options Terminologies

Terminologies of Option Trading (Quiz)

Understanding Option Greeks

2 attachments • 25.55 mins

Mastering Option Greeks

Understanding Option Greeks (Quiz)

Understanding Option Chain

2 attachments • 29.47 mins

Charting Your Course with the Option Chain

Understanding Option Chain (Quiz)


3 attachments • 1 hrs

Concluding Your Derivatives Odyssey

Short Notes For Master Futures and Options Trading with Confidence

60 pages

Final Certification Test


When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.

Course Certificate


Dear Himanshu, I really appreciate your teaching method and techniques. I can tell it is easy to understand for beginners ike me. You provided live examples which make me easy to remember and understanding the course perfectly. Initial I thought is it possible to complete entire syllabus within a week but you rocked it by complethe entire cours from scratch to advance. Thank you Sir😊 Rajesh. B

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B Rajesh


Classes gave clear understanding about stock and derivatives segments. Simple tools used for better understanding

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Ramesh Babu Damodaran



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About the creator

About the creator

Himanshu Verma (Founder & CEO)

Introducing "HimanshuGyan LLP," your gateway to financial enlightenment in India. Led by Himanshu Verma, a seasoned financial guru with over 7 years of expertise and NISM certification.



Drawing from our extensive experience, we are committed to demystifying finance for individuals and organizations alike. As a company dedicated to spreading financial literacy, we offer free stock market training, run comprehensive certification programs for students and traders/investors.

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